Airport Control Center Exercise  

The Ground Handling Airport Control Center Exercise

The Scenario

A major international Airport (Knuffingen Airport) has identified a need to upgrade its Ground Handling operations by enhancing its airside bus dispatch system. Currently, the airport can only dispatch Airside Busses with a maximum capacity of 50 passengers (PAX), which is causing delays and inefficiencies in the airport's ground handling operations. To address this issue, the Airport has initiated a smaller project to upgrade its Airport Contorl Center (KACC - Knuffingen Airport Control Center) including the Airside Bus Dispatching system, which will enable the dispatch of busses with a capacity of 100 passengers.

An Airplane at Knuffingen Airport
Knuffingen Airport Contol Center
The Gate Software

As part of the upgrade, the KACC at the airport needs to be updated to support the dispatch of larger busses. The requirement for the project is the development of a new ground handling control center that can dispatch Airside Busses with a capacity of 100 passengers. This requirement has many dependencies, including:

The Scrum Team must carefully manage these dependencies and ensure that they are addressed in a timely and effective manner. This requires coordination, communication, and collaboration among all stakeholders, including project managers, developers, vendors, and end-users. With careful planning and execution, the new ground handling control center can support the dispatch of larger busses, improving the efficiency and safety of ground handling operations at the airport and providing a better experience for passengers and airlines.

The User Story / The Epic for your Team

The User Story

As a ground handling control center operator at the airport, I want to be able to dispatch airside busses with a capacity of 100 passengers so that I can efficiently transport large groups of passengers and improve overall ground handling operations.

Acceptance Criteria: